The Grind Pays Off on High Rock Lake

It certainly wasn’t easy, but somehow, someway I found a way to earn my 3rd BFL Top 10 finish on High Rock Lake.

Going into a High Rock BFL Triple Header, in which I would have to compete on the lake in 3 tournaments over the course of 8 days, I knew it would be an absolute grind over a 2 week period.

And indeed it was. The bite was tough on High Rock Lake. In fact, it took me 20 hours of practice before I even got my first bite. The bass were in a post-spawn transition and feeding on shad all night long as a shad spawn was entering its final stages in June.

This along with erratic water conditions made the lake fish very tough. Even with my experience on High Rock I found it incredibly tough to locate a pattern.

So going into the first tournament, confidence was extremely low. I had a bad practice and I knew catching a limit would be tough. And tough it was… I had one bite all day during the tournament but luckily enough that’s all I needed to get my points to keep myself in contention in the Piedmont Division point standings.

Tournament 2 wasn’t much better the next weekend. While I did have a better practice and was able to locate some bass off-shore, on tournament day I simply could not pattern the fish shallow or deep. Weighing in only 1 fish, I knew going into the 3rd tournament I had to do something different to set myself up for a better finish.

So I slowed down, fished new water, and fished very methodically. Slow and low…. and it paid off. I caught a 5 bass limit that weighed in over 13 lbs. It was a grind that finally paid off. And while I didn’t get my first BFL victory that I crave so much, I am very happy without things progressed through-out this triple header.

Check out the videos on YouTube to see exactly how it went down!