2019 Starts at Kerr Lake

This weekend my 2019 season officially begins at Kerr Lake. It’s ironic we get to start at Kerr, as the lake is the location where my 2018 season ended in disappointing fashion. I’ve been thinking about this tournament since last September when I zero’d in the BFL Super Tournament and lost a chance to make the regional championship.

Now that 2019 is here, I finally have a shot to redeem myself. It will be no easy task though… Kerr Lake is a very big lake and it’ll be tough to break the lake down in just 3 days of practice. But if competitive bass fishing was easy, everyone would do it.

2019 is about taking the next step, pushing myself to the limits and becoming a better tournament angler. Here’s the full preview of the first BFL of the 2019 season.