Not only do I love to fish tournaments, I love to teach! Watching someone catch their first bass or catch their new personal best fish is something that never gets old. It’s truly a joy teaching someone a new technique or how to approach a new fishery. I have personally been on several guided fishing trips with anglers far more experienced than me at the time. So I know first hand what it means to have someone not only tell you how to approach a fishery but demonstrate the techniques that can help you catch more fish.

I have gained a vast amount of knowledge pertaining to bass fishing and I can’t wait to share this information with you!

Let's Go Fishing!

I offer guided fishing trips primarily on 2 bodies of water, Falls Lake and Kerr Lake. Each of them must be approached differently. Falls Lake has great ledge fishing in late spring and early summer months while Kerr Lake is can produce great days of fishing in late winter and early spring. 

Kerr Lake, Henderson NC

Kerr Lake has grown to become one of my most favorite fisheries in the country. It provides anglers with offshore and shallow water bites. It is a flood control lake which means the water levels vary from week to week and the fish typically adjust accordingly. The best time to fish Kerr Lake is February thru April. During this time its not uncommon to catch over 40+ fish per trip.
Rate: $400

Falls Lake, Raleigh NC

Falls Lake is a big fish factory! On any given cast you could catch your personal best bass. If you're looking for a true lunker then this is the place to go. My favorite time to fish Falls is May and June. During this time the bass move offshore onto the ledges and the structure around the ledges which creates a very fun offshore bite. Falls does produce giant bags of bass in the pre-spawn months. Its not uncommon to see a 30 pound limit of bass in February. Falls does get tougher as the heat of the summer warms up the lake and creates a thermocline in July.
Rate: $400

My Promise To You

I can NOT promise you that we will catch fish. We will be going “fishing” not catching. While its possible we’ll catch 40+ fish, sometimes the bass just won’t bite or I can’t find the pattern for that day. 

I also can NOT promise you that I will provide you with tournament winning way points that are sure fire spots to produce a keeper bass. In fact, we’ll likely fish a lot of “community holes” on the lake. My goal is to show you how to approach a fishery, show you it is possible to catch fish there a specific way and then give you the confidence to go find the honey hole yourself.

I can promise you I will teach you how to break down a fishery, how to make adjustments through out the day, how to adjust to weather and wind conditions, and how to find active schools of fish. I can also promise you we’ll have a good time no matter what 🙂 

Offshore and Electronics Training

I specialize in offshore bass fishing. It is my favorite way to catch bass. I personally think that offshore, deep water bass are easier to catch than the bass on the banks. The fish offshore are less pressured by other anglers and with new innovations from forward facing sonar, offshore fishing isn’t nearly as difficult as it once was.

I have been using Garmin Electronics since 2019. They have proven to me time and time again to be reliable, easy to use, and have led me to catching thousands (yes thousands) of fish. After years of practice, I have become an expert with forward facing sonar.

If you’re looking for a lesson on how to use your marine electronics to find offshore structure and fish then I am the angler that can show you how.

I have experience with the Garmin Echomap Ultra Series, the Garmin Livescope, Garmin NMEA network (including Garmin Steadycast), Lowrance HDS Live, Lowrance Active Target, Humminbird Mega Imaging, and Humminbird 360.

On The Water Rate (Your boat): $250 (3 hours)
On The Water Rate (My boat): $300 (3 hours)

Location: Raleigh, NC – Falls Lake

Let's Do It!

If you’re interested in setting up a guided trip with Jeffrey, please complete the form below. In your message suggest a date and location you’d like to visit. Jeffrey will respond to you via email or phone as soon as possible. 

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Please Note: Jeffrey is fully booked for June and July 2024.