Collins, Inc. / Ranger Boats

Collins, Inc. is a premiere boat dealership in Smithfield, NC. They offer sales and service to some of the best boat brands in the business including Triton, Nitro, and Ranger! In addition to being a team member at Collins, I provide support for the dealerships Bass for Cash tournament trail as one of the trails Tournament Directors.

It is a true privilege to work with the fine folks at Collins. I have seen first hand the sales and service they provide their customers and as one of those customers I am honored to be a part of their team.


Mercury Marine has been making world-class outboards since 1939. From a small machine shop in Wisconsin, they have grown into the largest builder of marine propulsion systems in the world.

I have had the privilege of running a Mercury since 2013 and I’ve seen first hand the reliability and performance these engines offer. I am honored to be a part of the Mercury Pro Team and run such a fine motor. I am currently running a Mercury ProXS 4 Stroke 250 HP outboard.


Striker is a leading brand of technical fishing apparel for men, women, and youth anglers with products ranging from high-performance rainwear and ice fishing outerwear to performance and casual wear. The brand tag line, “Go Early. Go Late. Go Prepared.” encompasses the brand mission to offer only the highest performing apparel possible, designed specifically to enhance the complete fishing experience in
any weather.


Having an “angler first” mentality, 13 Fishing provides high quality reels, rods, and tackle designed to help anglers be more productive on the water. Based in Clearwater, Florida, 13 Fishing has become known world-wide as a leader in the fishing industry.

13 Fishing has released a new line of rods and reels dubbed the “Meta” series which was heavily influenced by Bassmaster Elite Series Angler Gerald Swindle. This line of rods and reels is proving to be a top choice for tournament anglers looking for exceptional performance at a value price.


Safety should be an angler’s number 1 priority on the water. Mustang Survival is the leader in on water safety as they make safety devices and apparel designed to protect the lives of anglers. Founded in 1967, Mustang Survival is dedicated to your safety on the water. I own and use 2 Mustang Floatation devices, the HIT Hydrostatic Inflatable PFD and the ACCEL 100 Foam Vest. I trust my life with both of these products and highly recommend you put your faith and trust in the high quality products made by Mustang Survival.


When on the water, glare can wreak havoc on your eyes. I bought my first pair of Costa Del Mar Sunglasses in 2014! I’ve never worn another brand. The clarity, protection, and reliability I get with Costa is 2nd to none. 

My favorite pair of Costa’s are the Tuna Alley Polarized Glass with the Green Tint. I have found the green lens to be the best for bass fishing as it gives cuts through the sun glare on the water and allows me to see well under the water. They are great for sight fishing!


TH Marine Supplies, Inc. has been serving the marine industry since 1975. They are a family-owned and operated corporation that takes pride in every product that leaves the factory.