2020 Starts on Lake Norman

My 2020 FLW BFL Season is just days away and as I sit and think about my 4th BFL season I can’t help but feel the nerves and pressure begin to build. On February 29, 2020 the North Carolina Division kicks off on Lake Norman.

My experience on Lake Norman is extremely limited. In fact, I’ve only been on the lake 6 times. As I have found out, the best tool in an anglers tackle box is experience on a body of water. And that is one thing that I have very little of on Lake Norman.

I’ve been in this situation before in which I’ve had to go to a brand new body of water and break down the fishery in a matter of days. So this is nothing new. But just because it’s not something I haven’t had to do before doesn’t make it any easier. In fact, I expect this event to be incredibly tough on me. Considering this event is the start of the season and hopefully the beginning of a very promising season I have decided to go all out for this event.

I have prepared to take additional time off work and have 5 days of travel/practice going into this event. Make no mistake about it… 2020 is extremely important to me so I need to do all I can to prepare, perform and have a solid finish on Lake Norman. Fishing an entire BFL season isn’t a race… It’s a marathon. All regular season tournaments carry the same amount of weight however, it’s extremely important to me that I begin this season with a great finish.

I am still in search of my first ever BFL win. It is something that I think about all the time. I imagine it. I imagine how it will feel. I imagine how it may change my career. It’s something I can taste… something I can feel. It’s something I passionately want. And most importantly, it’s something I want to EARN. I am prepared to do everything that is required for me to be a successful tournament bass angler.

And it all starts on February 29.