Accu-Cull E Con Tags Review

Cull tags are one of the things you really aren’t thinking about while preparing for a tournament. But the Accu-Cull E Con Tags provide anglers an Eco-Friendly option to quickly identify and cull out bass in your live-well.

Cull tags will play an important role on tournament day when catching more than 5 fish. They greatly help with the process of identifying your smaller fish in your live-well and help you make quick decisions on which fish to remove from your box and which ones to keep. I wanted to do my part to help preserve the sport of bass fishing so I purchased the Accu-Cull E Con Tags.

Do I Really Need Non-Piercing Cull Tags?

Over the past year a big emphasis has been put on Eco-friendly cull tags. More specifically, non-piercing cull tags. In fact, the BASS Elite Series now requires them. What pierce-less cull tags do is provide you with a way to quickly identify the fish in your live while putting the least amount of strain on your fish. And by less strain, I specifically mean not putting extra holes in the fishes mouth. To answer the question, “Do I really need Pierce-less cull tags?” Yes, yes you do! You should always consider the health and well-fare of your bass. By doing so you’re helping preserve the future of the sport.

How Do The Cull Tags Hold Up?

I decided to try the Accu-Cull E Con tags as I have had a lot of success with Accu-Cull products in the past like their handheld scale which has proved to work flawlessly for me. My biggest concern with these clips was them being able to support the weight of a fish if I used the floating lanyard to pick the fish up out of the live-well. The image below proves to me that this isn’t an issue at all and will in fact hold the weight of a fish weighing 3 lbs. I wasn’t able to test with a larger fish yet.

Accu-Cull E Con Tags Bass Weight Supported

Another great feature of the Accu-Cull E Con Tags is there’s no metal! There’s nothing to rust, there is no sharp edges or points and their is nothing to harm the fish. The clips simply provide pressure around the lower jaw of the bass. They are built to last and to help keep your fish as healthy as possible by not putting additional holes in their mouth.

Accu-Cull E Con Tags Package

Whats the Best Way To Use Cull Tags?

The Accu-Cull E Con Tags package comes with 7 tags/clips. I have found I only need 6 during my tournament day. 5 go on the fish in the live-well and one is kept for the 6th fish that I know after catching I’ll need to use. I’ll immediately stick the 6th tag on the fish, drop him in the live-well and look for the colored tag that I need to pull out.

I have 2 colors that I use for my “smaller” fish. Those colors and yellow and pink. I nickname these fish in my live-well, “Mr. Pinkie” and “Mellow Yellow Man”. Now, I know this sounds crazy! But by nicknaming these colors it reminds me that those fish in my live-well are the first to be culled-out.

The green tag is nicknamed my “Money Fish” and the black tag is called “Big Bertha”. Those tags are dedicated to bigger fish during my day. So when looking into my box I can immediately identify the colors, the fish and which ones to remove. It’s a good process that has worked well for me in recent tournaments.

After culling out that fish, I’ll stick his cull tag back in my compartment ready to use for the next cull. Here’s a video showing exactly how to use the E Con tags. One hand is all that is needed to release the clips from the fish. This is very convenient.

How Quick Can You Cull?

Using these Accu-Cull E Con Tags I have found that it is extremely quick to identify a specific fish and then release that said fish back into the water when time. This past weekend I was fishing a tournament and made a last minute catch that culled out a smaller fish. With only minutes left to get back to the ramp for check-in, I needed to be as quick as possible. The Accu-Cull E Con Tag’s helped me do this… I made it back to the ramp with a few minutes to spare because I didn’t have to sit and rifle through my live-well looking for the smallest fish in the box. It literally took me seconds to attach the E-con clip to the 6th fish, identify the smallest fish in my live-well, pick him out and release him back into the water.

Accu-Cull E Con Tags Product Rating

The Accu-Cull E Con Tags do exactly what they advertise. They are competitively priced and they flat out work! I have yet to have a clip come off a fish yet in my live-well and I have no buyers-remorse with this product. The Accu-Cull E-con Clips score a 10 out of 10 for me! Check out these clips on Accu-Cull’s website by clicking here.

Positives Negatives
Quickly identify fish in your live-well None
No metal to rust or sharp edges to hurt your fish
7 tags come in different recognizable colors
Clips remain attached to your fish all day long
Easy one-hand release clips
Clips and floating lanyard supports the full weight of fish (untested with fish over 3lbs)
Competitively priced

Final Rating – 10 Bass out of 10