Balancing Fishing And Family

I love fishing… I love family… so finding balance is incredibly important. To be the very best you can be at something you’ve got to dedicate tons of time and energy to that craft. Professional anglers spend countless days traveling, practicing and competing in major tournament trails all over the nation. Sometimes they’re gone from home for weeks at a time.

But for a family man, how do you accomplish those things while at the same time being there for your loved ones? Its a question I began asking myself 3 years ago when I realized I wanted to go as far as I possibly could in the fishing industry. And the answer isn’t easy. And truthfully, the answer isn’t what you might want to hear.

But the main thing you have to have is a support system. You have to have people in your life that support your desire to try and achieve your goals. Without that… things won’t turn out well.

In addition to traveling, practicing and spending time away from home… you’re going to have to find a way to pay for all the expenses that go along with big-time tournament fishing. Not many people have the funds to just fish full-time. Guys like me must work full-time jobs to accomplish this. So with that being said, how can an amateur travel, practice and compete full time and also work full time to afford such an obsession? The answer is simple… he can’t (typically). I am fortunate enough to work with some incredibly people and I budget my paid vacation time perfectly around my fishing schedule. But should I be doing that? Or should I be using my vacation to travel with friends and family? It’s all about whats important to you, I suppose.

But that’s not what this blog is all about. This blog is about finding the perfect balance… the medium between spending your time coaching your sons little league baseball team and preparing for the FLW BFL next month on Lake X. It’s difficult… but what it boils down to is this…

You’ve got one family… I’ve got one son… He’ll only play baseball and football one time in his life. How could I miss a game and choose bass fishing over him? I can’t… anymore. This past Spring I missed 2 of his baseball games. I struggled with that. I made the wrong decision then. So I have to find the right balance between bass fishing and family.

I’m A Single Guy… but one day I’ll eventually get married and have all the things that go along with married life. So once that day arrives difficult decisions must be made in regards to time on the water and time at home. Ideally you’d have people in your life that support you and can join you.

So finding the balance is key… how can I? I’m not sure yet. It’s something I’m still working on and hoping to figure out soon. And while I have made up my mind to back off from big-time tournament fishing… I do really love the sport. I love watching sunrises from the bow of my boat. I love yelling “BoomShakaLaka” after a Giant Fish! But more importantly… I love the fam!