Getting Back Into A Groove

I went fishing this past Saturday on the Chowan River. It was raining, overcast and a pretty bad day for anyone not fishing. But for a guy like me who just needed to get back in touch with himself it was an amazing day.

Saturday was my best fishing day of the summer. I had been struggling to catch any fish during these last few months. But as I found out…. fishing for fun removes the pressure and stress and allows you to just fish for the joy of fishing.

I caught fish all day long… and good fish too. One of those fish was a 6lber that I pulled straight out from under a dock. I did notice the only thing different I am doing now compared to earlier this summer is fishing slower. I’m taking my time and dissecting the cover. I’m working my lures slower and tempting the bass to eat.

Check out this stud I caught this past Saturday on the Chowan below. Feel free to subscribe to me via YouTube and follow me on Facebook for a lot more fishing content.