Getting Back My Mojo

I went fishing… and I caught bass! And it felt so damn good! This summer, fishing has been hard for me. I went 3 months without catching a fish I would be satisfied weighing in. Warm water, lethargic fish and hot summer sun just didn’t go good for me.

I won’t lie, I was getting depressed at how I was performing this summer. I was being outfished and felt out of my league this summer as I struggle to just get a bite for nearly 3 months.

I’m a power fisherman. I don’t enjoy using shakey heads, small worms or drop shots. I want to power fish. I want buzzbaits, frogs, spinerbaits, jigs… But as I’ve learnt this summer you’re gonna have to approach the hot summer waters just as you do the cold winter waters…. Small and slow presentations seem to be what’s needed to put fish in the boat.

Finally the water temperatures are dipping back into the lower 80’s. I saw a dramatic increase in fish activity this past weekend on my latest fishing trip. I also caught some great bass. It finally felt great to hook into something that actually fought back. Over the past 2 weeks I’ve caught my limit of fish in 3 out of the 4 outings. It’s been a great confidence boast.

My next tournament is this weekend and this tournament more than anything I will be playing a chess game with the fish. And I love that game. I feel like the odds are even again! 🙂

So as the dog days of summer come to a close I fully expect my days on the water to produce more quantity and quality! Fall is nearly here and the fish know it. As the water temperature drops the fish will begin to feed more and more.