Getting Set for 2018

2018 will be another big year for me as I will once again be fishing FLW and BASS Events. While I have made a conscious effort to fish less tournaments in 2018, the ones I do fish will be more intense and offer me more rewards and opportunities as I continue to try and advance to the highest level of competition possible. My 2018 schedule features trips to Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia and the Waccamaw River in Georgetown, South Carolina.

BASS Events

I had the great fortune of qualifying for the 2018 NC Bass Nation State team in 2017 and that now allows me the opportunity to fish against some of the best anglers in the country in the Bass Nation Regional Championship. This event is my highlight event in 2018. While I am participating in this event as a non-boater, the level of competition will be just as strong. This is a 3 day tournament and being the best co-angler on the North Carolina team will propel me to the Bass Nation National Championship later this year. This will be my second shot at a BASS Nation Regional Championship. In 2015 I competed in this same tournament at Douglas Lake Tennessee. The tournament is schedule on June 20-22, 2018.

In addition to the Bass Nation Regional Championship I will also be competing in North Carolina State Qualifier events as well to once again try and be a member of the 2019 NC Bass Nation State team.

FLW Events

I will once again be fishing the FLW BFL Piedmont Division in 2018. This will be my second year fishing FLW BFL events. I am no longer a rookie and I have much higher expectations for myself in 2018. Last year I struggled to catch a limit of bass in each tournament, however I did accomplish my goal of making the Regional Championship on the James River as I finished 47th in Point Standings in 2017. This year my goal is to be in the top 10 in point standings for the Piedmont Division, Qualify for the Regional Championship and earn my spot into the 2019 BFL All American. These are high expectations for myself. But I am ready to get started. I won’t have to wait long as the first tournament of the year is on March 3 at Kerr Lake, North Carolina. The FLW BFL Regional Championship is on Lake Norman in October 2018.

Pitt County Bassmasters

I am once again a dedicated member of the Pitt County Bassmasters. This will be my 5th year in the club. In 2016 I finished 2nd in the point club standings. This past year I struggled and finished in 7th. Last year, due to an overwhelming schedule in 2017 I was unable to prepare and practice for my club tournaments as much as I liked to. This is what has led me to toning down the number of events I’m fishing in 2018. My goal for the club events this year is to finish at the top and win the angler of the year. This is a tough task as the Pitt County Bassmasters will loaded with great anglers with decades of experience. But with proper preparation and practice time on the water, I know I can get back to my 2016 level of success.

So with that, I have 23 schedules tournaments in 2018. Some small, some major. Be sure to follow me on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram in 2018 as this year I will be more socialable than ever. I’ll be posting live videos, daily content and information overload during my bigger fishing events. Thank you for your support! I’ll see you on the water soon!