Going Finesse

Uh oh, Jeffrey learn’t how to throw a shakey head! Add that to the list of things that’ll now help me put fish in my livewell. 

Back in October I traveled to Lake Norman to fish a NC Bass Nation tournament. Lake Norman is a shakey head lake! I learnt really quickly that I needed to learn how to finesse fish or I wouldn’t stand a chance in the tournament. So for 3 days straight I threw a shakey head. And for three days straight I caught bass. Not always giants, but it got me bites consistently.

I brought that technique back east here on the rivers in eastern NC and I’ve constantly been catching fish! I’ve now fallen in love with the shakey head and it’s become a stable in my arsenal. It’s always tied on, it’s always my go to, and it’s always reliable!

I believe in power fishing and I believe power fishing will help put bigger bass in the boat. But sometimes that power bite isn’t there. I’ve caught 3lber after 3lber after 3lber recently on a shakey head and it has really led me to believe that if presented correctly a small worm on a shakey head can and will catch fish, big fish!

I will keep my preferred shakey head hook and worm a secret for now 🙂 But I throw it on a Dobyns 703 medium action rod using 12lb Sunline Sniper Fluorocarbon spooled up on a Lews Tournament MB baitcaster. This combo is deadly as I’ve proven to myself over and over again this fall that it can and will put bigger fish in my livewell

Here’s a video of one of the many I’ve caught recently.