I Changed My Mind

I fully expected to fish some big local stuff this year. But here’s why I changed my mind. 

It’ll get me no where! I can fish all the local tournaments available here in the eastern part of North Carolina. I could try and win every single one and load up my bank account with the winnings. But in the end…. where will it get me? No where! And trust me… I don’t do this for the money. I could care less about winning money.

I have much higher expectations than just trying to beat some local sticks in waters they’ve been fishing their whole life. So what’s my end game? I’ll keep that to myself for now… but I can tell you my end game isn’t to be some local hotshot.

So I made the decision after fishing the BASS Nation Regional Championship on Douglas Lake earlier this year that the world of bass fishing is much larger than eastern North Carolina. It’s a lot larger than fishing the Greenville Marine tournaments, the Bojangles Pro AM, the Collins Bass for Cash…. There’s so much more to accomplish. And I can’t accomplish my goals by fishing these local trails.

Fishing BASS and FLW events are the best ways to progress in this industry. So that’s the path going forward. More to come in 2017….