Joining Team Kistler Rods

Kistler Rods - Jeffrey Davis Fishing

I am very happy to finally announce I have joined a company that makes the best rods on the planet, Kistler Rods! I purchased my first Kistler fishing rod late in 2017. From the moment I made my first cast, I knew I wanted to be a part of the team at Kistler Rods. I have been thoroughly impressed with the quality of products produced by the great people down in Texas at Kistler Rods.

Since that first cast, I have purchased additional rods of different strengths, lengths and power that I’ve used for a variety of different bass fishing applications. I loved my 6’9″ Magnesium 2 so much I did a full fledged and thorough video review of the rod. You can find that review by clicking here.

The attention to detail and quality of work produced by the team at Kistler Rods is unlike any I’ve seen before. I have been thoroughly impressed with the Rods I’ve purchased and I can honestly say that I have no reason to look elsewhere for a fishing rod. Kistler Rods has a rod for every single bass fishing application from shakey heads and drop shots to frogging and swimbaits… Kistler has me covered.

Kistler Rods is based out of Magnolia, TX. For those who don’t know… I consider Texas my home away from home. Kistler Rods was founded by Trey Kistler. Trey is remarkable individual and the more I read and follow him online the more I am impressed. His values and passion for the sport of bass fishing are obvious and they exude through the quality and attention to detail that go into his fishing rods.

So What’s Mean For Jeffrey Davis Fishing?

This means that now, as a team member of Kistler Rods I have the ability to represent a company that I am passionate about, a company that I believe in and a company that will stand behind me as I continue to climb the ladder in the sport of competitive bass fishing.

Is This A Sponsorship with Kistler Rods?

Of sorts, yes. I am considered on Kistler Rods Regional Promotional Staff which means I get to spread the good word about their rods and how they can help anglers everywhere put more fish in their boat!

Is This Your First Promotional Staff Opportunity?

Yes! I have been very selective over the last few years in-regards to whom I’d like to represent in the bass fishing industry. Kistler Rods is a company that I proud of.. a Christian-based company that I proud to put my name on.

More About Kistler Rods


Kistler Custom Rods is a key leader in the fishing industry. As it is in many industries, the big guys get comfortable and stop innovating. That is where Kistler comes in. Since our inception, the Kistler team has made it our mission to push the industry by relentlessly innovating and developing superior products for anglers everywhere. We now have a track record over a decade long, and loyal customers around the world who have found out first hand why with Kistler, “Fishing Never Felt So Good!”

Got More Questions About Kistler Rods?

If you have any questions or comments about Kistler Rods, please contact me! I am extremely educated on what they offer and how their rod blanks will truly help put more fish in your boat! #BoomShakaLaka #TeamKistler