A Good Start on Lake Norman

Ice, snow, rain, wind, and bitter cold. That’s how things got started for my 5th season of fishing MLF BFL’s. I put a lot of hard work into Lake Norman for my first tournament of the season. It was very important to start the year off right. And while I didn’t make a major splash at the weigh-in, I had a respectable finish.

Conditions were brutal for the event and the days leading up to the tournament. During practice, I found myself in a mix of rain, ice, and snow. Then add 20 mph winds, and it just made fishing plain hard. The actual tournament was slightly better as the rain had moved out. But the brutal cold was nearly unbearable at blast off. 23 degrees is what I read on my thermostat.

I was able to capitalize on a few areas of the lake I found in practice that held a little warmer water and had fish that were a little more inspired to bite. I wanted to put myself in the best possible position to catch fish… to weigh-in fish. Reviewing the results, you can see just how tough fishing was. So my 5 fish limit went a long way in a field that featured nearly 200 boats.

Check out the video below to see just how my tournament day went down on Lake Norman.