Meet Tracy, My New Triton 19TRX

I knew I wanted a new boat for a while now and I was finally blessed enough to have the good people at Anglers Choice Marine in Lexington, NC help me get into a new Triton.

My old boat proved to be very sea-worthy and helped me catch a ton of fish, however the confidence and reliability of a new motor and new warranty was simply to tempting for me to reject any longer. When I began the process of looking for new boats Triton was at the top of the list for several reasons. I knew I wanted a 19 foot boat that felt like a 20 footer, and the 19TRX Patriot from Triton does just that. And at 19’9″ in length, it’s basically a 20 foot boat.

Compared to my older 19 footer, the Triton 19TRX feels like a dream to fish on. The deck is huge and I can easily have 12 rods on the deck and still have plenty of room to maneuver and walk around. With a 95 inch beam, I just feel like I have so much more real-estate at the front of the boat. The wide deck provides a great platform for a tournament angler and if you’re fishing a team tournament there is more than enough room for 2 anglers at the front.

As far as storage goes, I just feel like the Triton 19TRX just gives me more of everything… more room, more space and more places to put all my bass fishing “stuff.” The over-sized rod lockers can easily fit 20-25 rods and I wouldn’t be shocked if I could squeeze 30 rods into it. They really are GIANT! The center storage compartment in the front deck is also massive. I can fit more in it then I ever imagined. And as a tournament angler, we need no shortage of places to store things.

Some other small things I love about the Triton is the live-wells, the coin box storage at the center of the boat and the battery compartment trays. All of these little nuances that Triton builds into the boat really add up creating an amazing ride and a boat that truly helps me be a better angler.

Another reason I wanted to go with Triton was because of their relationship with Mercury. The new 225 HP Mercury Pro XS 4 Stroke is an absolute dream to drive. The power, performance and acceleration is unmatched when compared to my old 2 stroke.

When comparing boat brands, price should always be a part of the equation in your purchase. The 19TRX provides anglers an awesome rig for a very fair price. While I won’t get into financial details here, the Triton 19TRX is nationally advertised and comes extremely well equipped. Tritons also have a very good resale value so in the future if I wanted to upgrade again I should have no problem doing so. With that being said, this will likely be my boat for the next 5 years.

And finally, the last reason I decided to go with Triton…. TRITON GOLD! Triton Gold provides tournament anglers the ability to win up to $7,000 in additional tournament winnings when fishing out of a Triton Boat in select tournaments. Triton by far as the best contingency program in the bass boat industry.

I’d encourage people interested in a Triton to follow me on YouTube as I’ve posted several videos of the Triton and as I make upgrades and customize the boat to my liking in the future I’ll post even more to show exactly how I have my new Triton setup.

Oh, and every boat needs a name… so my new Triton is named “Tracy” ….