Summer of Struggle

It’s been really, really REALLY tough fishing for me so far this summer. I don’t know what the problem is. Nothing I do seems to be working. No matter the lure, no matter the presentation and no matter the time of day I simply can not get on any fish right now.

It’s a real depressing struggle. I know the “dog days” of summer are typically some of the hardest months in the year to catch bass due to warmer water temperatures. But I’ve been weeks without a solid keeper in the boat.

I haven’t lost my confidence. I know I can catch those green fish. It’s just a matter of making myself be patient and fish these seasonal patterns. It’s a chess game out there… and right now, those green fish are winning.

So whats next for me? I’m still fishing tournaments almost every weekend. I have one this weekend with the Eastern NC Bass Challenge. And next weekend I have a BIG tournament with the Collins Boats Bass for Cash Series.

I’m not slowing down even though I’m in a funk… if anything… It’s gonna make me pick up more steam! So here’s to fishing hard!