How to get started Bass Fishing

Bass fishing is growing in popularity at a rapid rate. But new comers to the game can be left frustrated. It’s not an easy sport. But there’s one thing you can do to help spring-board your bass fishing career.

If you’re a new comer to the sport the best advice anyone can give you is to join a Bass Club. In a bass club you’ll have the ability to learn, make friends, get tips and grow as an angler.

Becoming a great angler doesn’t happen over night. Just because you can go down to your local pond and sleigh the fish with your Rebel Pop r doesn’t mean you’ll be able to go down the the local lake and catch bass off-shore your first time out.

So by joining a bass club you’ll have the ability to share information, learn from the older guys and constantly grow through competition and comradery. Joining a BASS Nation club was the best decision I ever made when I made up my mind I wanted to begin tournament bass fishing. Since that time my knowledge, experience and know-how have sky rocketed.

I am far from a professional… but where I am now compared to where I was just 2 years ago is unreal. And I owe most of it to the members in my bass club!