Sun Protection While Fishing

The older I get the more I realize and understand the amount of things that can help shorten my life. One of those things I’ve taken notice of lately is the danger of skin cancer as a bass angler. I’ve heard enough stories lately of guys getting skin cancer from spending years on the water without taking care of their bodies biggest line of defense… your skin! So there are some things that I’ve started doing to better protect myself.


What?! Even in the summer? You better believe it. The technology in clothing now allows you to wear long sleeves and still stay cool and dry. These microfiber garments are really amazing now and really protect you from the sun while keeping you cool. I wear long sleeve shirts 90% of the time when I’m out on the water now. All of my tournament jersey’s are long sleeves as well. The microfiber material that they use is astounding. I recently bought a jersey from Thrasher Apparel and the quality, fit and finish was amazing. It keeps you cool and protects your skin.


Rather it’s a hat or some kind of other garment, protecting your scalp is very important. I have no hair… I’m a baldy. So if I spent all day out on the water with nothing on my head I’d be red as an apple. Here’s my problem though. I’ve lost at least 10 hats on the water. I usually forget to take it off when I’m rolling down the river and it blows off into the water to never be seen again. So I’ve started wearing Neck Gaiters. They are usually made out of the the same microfiber material as the long sleeve shirts. I also recently purchased a neck gaiter from Thrasher Apparel and the thing is astounding. It does a great job of protecting my head. Pairing a hat with a neck gaiter is a awesome way to keep the sun off of you.


Go ahead and invest in some high quality sun glasses that give you full protection over your eyes. I’ve owned both Oakley and Costa Del Mar Sunglasses. They do phenomenal job of cutting through sun rays on the water, helping in low light conditions and keep you from going blind!

Don’t skimp on sun protection. Spending a few dollars to help protect your skin is vital! I’m not sponsored or paid in anyway by Thrasher Apparel, but their garments can truly help you stay cool and keep you protected all in one. There website can be found here: