The Cost of Doing Business


Bass fishing can be very expensive. Especially tournament fishing. If you own your own boat the costs get even higher. Gas, oil, maintenance… the list goes on and on of the expenses required to have a good day of fishing.

And then there’s your tackle! Let us not forget about the tackle! The lures, baits, the soft plastics, the hooks, the link, the sinkers. You surely can’t forget about those. It’s really easy to walk into a tackle shop and walk out $100 lighter.

The trick to saving money is to only buy what you’re going to use. What’s the point in having boxes and boxes of gear that you’re never going to use anyway. The day before I go fishing I go to the local tackle shop and only purchase what I need for that particular day or weekend.

I’ve also starting doing things like not running my boat at top speed. Over time that will help save on gas and oil costs.