Monthly Tackle Tip – December 2015

Are you fishing this winter? Might wanna read this…

If you’re even contemplating going out and fishing this winter the first thing you should do is make sure you’ve got the appropriate attire. It gets cold down here in North Carolina. I’ve fished in temperatures below freezing before. It can be miserable, VERY miserable.

But with the appropriate gear and clothing it’s very manageable. If you fish long enough you’ll see the more experienced guys sporting their bibs and heavy coats. Investing in apparel that will keep you warm and dry is more important than any lure you’re throwing this winter.

Under Armour, Columbia and a host of other companies make cold weather apparel that will make your time on the water more manageable. If the only thing on your mind is how cold you are, then you won’t be able to concentrate on whats really important…. CATCHING FISH!

I made the decision this fall to invest in a pair of bibs and a warm weather jacket from Columbia. In the end, that clothing made me a better angler. I’m able to forget about how cold it is and concentrate more on what the fish might be doing.

It’s an investment well worth considering if you plan on being on the water this winter.