Monthly Tackle Tip – January 2016

Wanna save some time and money? Here’s a tip of how I save money on some of my tackle.Start buying in bulk. Fishing is expensive… especially competitive fishing. So anything we anglers can do to save a few pennies is well worth it in the long run. What I’ve began doing is buying all my fishing line in bulk spools. More specifically, 1000 yard spools.

I use a lot of 10lb Seaguar Invizx. From cranking squarebills, jerk baits, deep divers and drop shot leader line – I put a high value on my 10lb Invizx! Last year I was constantly having to go to the store and drop $20 on a 200 yard spool. So finally I said enough was enough and spent $75 on a 1000 yard spool of 10lb Invizx.

That’s a savings of over $25 if purchasing spools at 200 yards at a time. But, that’s not even the best part!

By having a full 1000 yard spool I can now more easily use mono backing on my reels and stretch out that 1000 yard spool even more. If using a 200 yard spool it makes it more difficult to use backing because you’ll always end up with about 20-30 yards of line that will usually go to waste.

So before your 2016 fishing season starts, go ahead and invest in buying in bulk and save yourself some time and money!