Monthly Tackle Tip – November 2015

Make sure you’re tying the correct knots! And use this one whenever using fluorocarbon. The San Diego Jam knot has proven itself to me time and time again. I’ve begun using fluorocarbon line for a lot of different applications. When fishing clear lake water it’s become a necessity to use fluorocarbon because of it’s invisibility under water. But fluorocarbon line is notorious for breaking when using certain knots like the polamar knot.

The San Diego Jam knot is the only knot that I’ll tie with fluorocarbon. The knot has proven itself to me time and time again. Your line will break before the knot breaks. It has close to 100% break strength which is more than any other knot tested in the famous knot wars YouTube videos.

The knot does create a very large profile. But to remedy that I perform 5 loops around itself rather than the 6 that most people use. I have found no difference in performance. The knot is the most important part of your setup as it is the only connection between lure and reel. provides great instruction on how to tie the knot.

Here is a list of knot to tie for different lines and applications.

Application Line Type Knot
Cranking Mono-filament Polamar Knot
Texas Rigs Fluorocarbon San Diego Jam Knot
Heavy Cover Flipping Braid Snell Knot
Top Water Braid Polamar Knot