Monthly Tackle Tip – October 2015

October is a great month for bass fishing. Hot summer waters are cooling off and the bass are becoming more and more active as their annual fall feed begins.

Bass will eat year round, however there are specific times during the year they will feed more. Those times being early to mid spring and early to mid fall. So right now is peak time for bass fishing. Almost anything you throw they’ll eat. It’s not really a matter of what lure you’re throwing as much as it’s about where you’re throwing it.  You need to know where the bass are heading and what they’re feeding on. And while you can get away with throwing many different types of lures, there are a few that are more successful than others.


Quick and versatile, crankbaits can catch bass quickly. They are great search baits and can help you locate bass in a hurry


The creme-de la-creme in the Fall, Spinnerbaits catch fish year round. But the tantalizing vibration and movement of a Colorado/willow-leaf bladed spinnerbait perfectly imitates bass forage. The spinnerbait is my personal favorite in the fall. Low light conditions and a slight ripple on the water caused by a brisk wind create ideal conditions for a spinnerbait. And don’t forget, use a trailer hook!

Topwater Spook

What’s better than a top water bite? Nothing. A spook style walking bait perfectly imitates a fleeing or dying shad or bait fish.

What Colors to Use?

Match the hatch! But it’s safe to say if you’re not familiar with what forage exists in your tributaries then use a predominately white colored lure in some sort of shad/chartreuse color. White will closely resemble many different forms of bait fish.

Where to Look?

This is open for discussion. During early fall you can find bass on main river/lake systems and heading towards the back of creek channels. How can you determine where they are? Look for bait fish. Find schooling shade and other bait fish. If you find those schools of bait fish then you’ll find the bass. To more easily find the bait fish look for natural identifiers such as birds circling and rapid small breaks on the waters surface. Electronics will help immensely. If you can’t find bait fish on the main river channels or in creeks then target points and structure. There will always be bass hunkered down on wood, lay downs and rock just waiting to ambush prey as it swims by.

October is a phenomenal month to fish. Hopefully these tips will help put more bass in your live-well this fall.