A Win to End 2020

I ended my 2020 year with a tournament win on the Neuse River with the American Bass Anglers. As, I’ve said for quite some time, the sport of competitive bass fishing is full of emotionally charged roller coaster moments. The highs and lows are unlike any other sport.

But thankfully, I am able to end 2020 on a high by winning my first ever ABA tournament. And, on the Neuse River in New Bern, NC of all places. I have very little experience on the fishery. However, I was able to find a dominant pattern and literally used that pattern to catch fish all day long.

I lost count of how many fish I caught during this event. But the fish that really put me over the top and help me secure my first victory was a 5 lb largemouth I caught at 11:30 am in the back of a small creek.

It was quite an exciting day. You can follow me on YouTube to see how my day went down and what it took for me to when this event.