Fishing My First FLW Tournament

As I’ve stated previously it’s time to step up to the plate and begin fishing against real competition. I have officially registered for my first FLW BFL tournament on March 25 on Kerr Lake. I know the competition will be strong and I’m going in as an under-dog. But it’s important to me to see where I stack up against real competition.

There’s no doubt it’s going to be tough. But I promise this to myself and anyone who’s reading this… My level of preparedness and and dedication to this tournament will be unmatched. I’ve fished tournaments on Kerr Lake twice and each time I’ve won. In 2015 I won the NC BASS Nation Wildcard Tournament as a co-angler.

The cost of an FLW BFL is quite expensive for a weekend warrior. But I consider it an investment. The cost to register in the tournament as a Pro is $230. Co-anglers can register for $110. My goal for the tournament is to catch a full limit that hopefully weigh’s around the 18-20lb mark. I’ve done some research and found that during the last 3 Kerr Lake BFL tournaments in March the winning weight was between 18-19 lbs.

It’s a tall order considering my biggest bag ever is 16lbs. So it’ll be a priority during practice to not only find fish but to find quality fish.

I’m looking forward to this adventure and can’t wait for this opportunity! Here we go! #BoomShakaLaka