FLW BFL 2nd Place on High Rock Lake

Wow! What a day! I took 2nd place on High Rock Lake on the June 16th, 2018 FLW BFL.  Even as of this blog post I’m still shocked at what went down and how I was able to find a pattern and duplicate that pattern around the lake. From practice until my very last cast on tournament day I was completely dialed in.

In fact, I was so dialed in I only had 3-4 rods on the deck of my Phoenix for most of the day. It was a great feeling knowing that my hard work, dedication and preparation was paying off.

The pattern on High Rock Lake that day was slow and deep… meaning, I had to sit in 20 feet of water and throw into 8 feet of water and just simply be patient. I was powering fishing with a big worm however I was working it very slow and methodical.

I fished perfect! I didn’t miss a fish, I was dead on with my casting and I never back lashed. I was in the “zone” and it felt amazing.

I weighed in 18lbs 11oz which is my biggest weight ever weighed-in in my 5 years of tournament bass fishing. For my day on the water I took home an awesome FLW BFL 2nd Place Trophy and $1900. But truthfully, the trophy is more valuable to me than the cash.

This great finish comes right on the heels of winning first place in the Chowan River Bass Bash where I took home $2000 in prizes.

I can only say that my recent success has been the by-product of simply having more time on the water and gaining more experience. As I’ve discovered, on-water experience is the best way to get better at competitive bass fishing.

Here’s the entire video recap of my day on High Rock Lake. Be sure to subscribe to me on YouTube to get recaps of all my tournaments!