It Comes Down To Kerr Lake

One of my goals this year was to make it to the BFL Regional Championship on Lake Norman this October. So it has come down to the final regular season tournament of my BFL season to determine rather I make it or not. While I’ve fished many “big” tournaments this season, it appears the Super Tournament on September 8-9 on Kerr Lake will be my biggest and most important!

Sitting in 57th place in the standings, my goal is to jump up 12 spots and make it inside of the top 45 and qualify myself for the BFL Regional Championship. Fishing the BFL Regional Championship is a goal for all BFL Anglers as it is the gateway to the FLW All-American Tournament!

Ironically, Kerr Lake is where my season began and seemingly nearly ended after the first tournament of the year as I failed to weigh in any fish in a tournament back in March of this year. That tournament has put me behind the 8 ball all season. And even with a second place finish on High Rock this summer I am still struggling to make the top 45 this season.

So will my season end where it began? Or will I find a way to pattern the fish on Kerr Lake and continue my push towards the BFL Championship? Kerr Lake is known to fish tough in August and September…. so I am expecting fishing to be tough. But with 2 days of practice and keeping a clear and open mind I hope to do major damage in this tournament and secure my spot in the BFL Regional Championship on Lake Norman.