NCBFN Tournament Results

For the most part the 2015 NCBFN tournament proved to be a tough test for me. There truthfully isn’t much for me to discuss about the tournament. It turned out to not really be as much about the fishing as it was about “learning”. I was partner with a Lake Gaston veteran and fished behind him on the back of his boat for 2 days.

I learnt a lot just watching him. He showed me a lot of water and proved to me that he was a great angler. Through out the 2 day tournament I only caught 3 bass to weigh in. While I watched the veteran in front of me catch 10 bass for 28lbs over a 2 day period.

I learnt a great deal about the lake, how to fish it and what areas to target the most. I did however manage to land this 4lber on the second day. This fish made the entire trip worth it!

lake gaston 4lb bass